Aysegül & Merve

Sumak Eindhoven

We are two Turkish Expat women who come from Turkey. We opened our catering at the beginning of this year and we offer Turkish dishes that take a long time to prepare but we love to eat the most. 

We offer a wide range of catering services; mainly we have fixed and monthly ready-to-cook,  freshly Turkish Frozen Food menu.


And every Friday we are offering a Sumak mezze plate; with 9 different delicious Turkish mezzes for 2 people and the special zaatar pita bread prepared by Broodnodig for us.


Also we provide orona proof catering service for your special events. Our catering services are perfect for private parties, corporate events, family get togethers, baby showers, barbecue parties and more.

Contact with us   


Website: https://sumakeindhoven.nl

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHAwNEfl_Gf/?igshid=rx1ak2n3x0a1

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/SUMAK-102692078488795/



Sumak Team



Kabayan Dreamfloat

Een heerlijk en authentiek restaurant met filipijnse gerechten en producten. 

Kabayan Dreamfloat organiseert in het weekend van 12 en 13 juni het Filipijns onafhankelijkheidsfeest in Het Cruydenhuisch. 


Voor meer informatie: www.kabayandreamfloat.nl