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"Get financed" programme is open again

(participants blurred on purpose due to privacy)

Our linkedin group Crowdfunding Europe/ Cryptocurrency/ NFT will welcome its 2000 member sometime next week. A milestone which gives us reason to relaunch our "Getfinanced" programme.

A programme with which we coached and assisted the participants in raising around 5 million euro's for one specific client and 220,000 euro in total for 4 of the 6 quarterly participants. 4 of the 6 succeeded in reaching their goal, the two that didn't were reluctant to follow the golden rules of financing which we explicitly told them to follow.

Due to our focus on creating a company that will develop and deliver affordable housing for the less fortunate, we haven't offered the chance to join the programme for a while, but we have decided to also dedicate more time on our "getfinanced" programme.

Everyone with a financing need can join the programme but only after they have completed the intake. Based on the intake results we can determine the potential for financing and the available capacity of each participant in cooperating in achieving the desired result.

If you don't pass the intake, not to worry we can assist you in being ready to get financed in the next quarter.

The programme fee is based on the finances that are desired, but a minimum fee per month is € 500 ( ex vat) for a maximum of 3 months.

If interested send an email to and we send you the intake.

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